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Life balance is something we all strive for and yet it seems like a constant search for that equilibrium. As busy women, many of us juggling work and family life, we steal an hour here and there but we never get the chance to fully decompress in a healthy and energizing environment with other women. Ladies, take time for yourself. Say bye to your husband, your kids, your boss and hello to self-care with new friends!

All our travels are designed to appeal to like-minded women. Single mom, busy professionals, early retired, our travel sisters are independent, free and they are not afraid to travel anywhere but they are not solo! They are joining other women just like them to share this exciting adventure together. You might not know each other before the trip but I'm pretty confident that you will create something pretty special that you will cherish for a long time.

Who are they?
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This page was designed for you to interact with other traveling sisters. Through this page, you will not only see who will join you on this trip, but you can follow, like each other and even write about your love for travels and excitement for the upcoming adventures via by your own blog section.  Last but not least, you will also be able to access your payments, reservations and get all the details related to the retreat.

Do you love traveling?

We love to hear from you! Join this growing community of independent women who are not afraid to write their own journey. You love discovering, have traveled in a similar setting and want to share some resourceful tips, or you just want to ask questions. Whatever it is, you are welcome to do it by joining The Sisterhood of Traveling Ladies and become a member.

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