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Why Mother-Daughter Trips Are Good for Your Soul

Do you know what you’re getting your mom for Mother’s Day?

If you haven’t bought her a gift yet, consider a Mother-Daughter trip instead of flowers this year!

Mother-Daughter trips are a hot travel trend right now! But, what makes them so special?

Let me tell you…

Mother-Daughter Trips Creates Memories

Traveling is an amazing experience that changes people and relationships on many different levels. The process of planning and taking a trip with your mother or daughter builds an enriching bond between the two of you and creates extraordinary memories. Regardless of your age, mother-daughter trips allow you to create new memories and get to know each other better in a unique setting, away from everyday life and social spheres.

Mother-Daughter Trips Allow You to “Reset”

Everyone needs a little “you-time” every once in a while. Choosing to pursue “you-time” WITH your mom or your daughter, gives you a chance to spend time with each other when you’re both in relaxed states. Over the years, the dynamic changes between mother and daughter. Oftentimes, that relationship is strained due to outside stressors. Getting away from those stressors and resetting lets you experience your relationship in a special way that you might not be able to in the “real” world.

Mother-Daughter Trips Give You Time to Really Catch Up

Life happens. And sometimes you get so busy that you start to lose touch with your family, even when you don’t mean to. Traveling with your mom or your daughter gives you time away from everyone else to actually talk. With all the hustle and bustle of everyday life, finding those moments alone can be difficult. But, when you’re traveling and you have a three-hour layover or a long train ride, there isn’t much else to do besides talk! Who knows? You may even discover something new about your mom or daughter that you never knew before!

Now that we’ve talked about some of the awesome benefits of Mother-Daughter trips, here are some great TIPS to make those vacations go as smooth as possible.

1) Choose the right trip.

Make sure you either plan a trip TOGETHER or choose a trip you know the BOTH of you will enjoy. And, as much as you want to bond with your mother or daughter on this trip, make sure you also plan for some alone time over the course of the trip. Choose a destination that offers a variety of activities, so you both have the opportunity to choose things to do together and things to do on your own. This will help create a healthy balance on the trip and (hopefully) prevent unnecessary tension between the two of you.

2) Plan for the best, expect the worst.

Travel disasters can happen. This is just a fact of life. But, you can prepare yourself for the inevitable mishap. Anticipating the worst-case scenario on different legs of your trip and discussing what you and your “travel sister” might do in case of an emergency, will help both of you feel more relaxed in the moment if things DO go wrong. Having a “disaster plan” will ease some of the stress that comes with the unexpected and make your trip more enjoyable, regardless of any disasters. Who knows? Maybe that travel disaster will turn into the best story of your trip, if you don’t stress about it too much!

3) Discuss finances ahead of time.

If you’re treating your mom to a Mother-Daughter getaway, but you’re only able to afford the base package, make to let her know ahead of time. In many cases, she may be willing to pay extra for an upgraded massage at the hotel or treat dinner one night, but it’s never a pleasant surprise to find out after-the-fact that you owe extra on the bill! Alternatively, if you want to treat your mom the entire trip, let her know ahead of time so she knows she can relax and not even think about the bill. Bottom-line: discuss the budget ahead of time and make sure both parties agree so there are no surprises (or unnecessary stress!) on your special trip together.

Has this inspired you to book a Mother-Daughter travel trip? Not convinced yet?

Maybe hearing some of the amazing stories from our travel sisters, and their mothers or daughters, will encourage you to book a trip of your own!

Stay tuned for the upcoming Mother-Daughter travel series, starting with Karen’s trip to NYC with her mom!

If you have an amazing travel story with your mom or daughter, WE WOULD LOVE TO HEAR IT!

Send us an email with the details and some photos so we can share it on our blog!


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