The Markets of Antibes

Updated: Jan 24, 2019

The market is definitely a part of the French culture. Going to the market is something I grew up with.

Every day with my mom, we would go and get fresh fruits and vegetables. We would hear all the vendors yelling, "Here, come get the best cantaloupe in town" or "Here, he is a liar, he stole mine!" Of course, it was always a part of the whole tradition to nicely tease each other.

The ambiance was fantastic. It was a time to meet the neighbors, ask about the family, catch up with people we hadn’t seen for a while… This was real interaction. This was being a social. This was being connected and caring about each other.

It was such a warm place to go to.

As a child, it was boring I'm not going to lie, but I didn't realize how these childhood memories would be such a treasure as an adult. Something that I now share with my little girl.

I remembered the markets as a festival of smells, colors, and sounds… the church bells ringing every day at noon, the time when people were reminded to go home and cook all those delicious goodies they just bought from the markets in the morning.

At the market, you could find fresh, locally grown fruits, vegetables, flowers, and warm crafted bread freshly out of the oven. It was an everyday celebration.

This still remains.

Markets still take place in every city, and it is no different for my dear town of Antibes.

Provencal Market in Antibes

The Provencal market sets out its rich stalls each morning, a festival of fragrances and accents, and offers an infinite diversity of fresh regional produce: delicatessen and cheese from the mountains, specialties, spices, and bouquets of cut or dried flowers, honeys, olive oil, and other crafted produce, the fruits of men's labor and nature's generosity.

Jacques the cheese-monger, Dominique the florist, Denis the fisherman, Michel, Marina and Marielle the market gardeners, Tony and his Corsican products...

They are all in place every morning (except Mondays from the 1st of September to the 31st of May), in the covered hall, cours Massena, from 6am to 1pm.

Clothing Markets

After the farmers market, we were no stranger to the clothing market. We would go with my mom EVERY Sunday. The clothing market was the place to find great designer clothes at a ridiculously low price and my mom was, and still is, the queen of finding the greatest deal!

A part of the tradition, if I may say so, is to always negotiate the price. It is all a part of the game. I did it last year… so FUN! This is where you would definitely test your buying skills.

You could find great leather shoes directly from Italy, overstock designer clothes unsold from the boutiques, perfumes and lingerie.

These markets happen on different days and times, depending on the city.

In Antibes, it is from 6am to 1pm.

At place Amiral Barnaud (Gendarmerie díAntibes), on Tuesday and Saturday.

At place Amiral Barnaud and on boulevard Albert 1er, on Thursday.

At place Jean Aude (Fontonne neighbourhood), on Wednesday.

At square Dulys in Juan-les-Pins, on Friday.

Craft Markets

My new favorite market to go to as an adult. Great for all art-lovers and collectors out there!

In the afternoon, all kinds of painters, sculptors, ceramicists, and other artists exhibit their work in the shade of the market hall, cours Massena, in Antibes.

From September to mid-June, every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 3pm.

From mid-June to the end of September, every day except Mondays.

Flea Markets

From 7am to 6pm

At place Audiberti, on Thursday and Saturday.

At place De Gaulle, on Saturday.

On boulevard díAguillon, on Thursday.

Night Markets (crafts, art, fashion jewelry...)

This happens in summer only. You can take a walk along the beach, on a warm night of summer, eating a delicious crafted ice cream.

All vendors set up their tables to sell mainly jewelry, paintings, and other sorts of accessories. You can smell the hot pop corn, cotton candies, warm peanuts, and all sorts of candies for kids and parents alike. There is music and laughter. People go sit at cafes and just watch people walking around.

This is a must-do activity during Summer.

In July and August from 7pm:

Promenade du Soleil at Juan-les-Pins

PrÈ-des-PÍcheurs at Antibes


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