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Mother-Daughter Travel Series: Karen and Nora

Bagels, Broadway, Bistros, and Bloomingdales...

You guessed it!

Our first Mother-Daughter Travel Feature brings us to the hustle and bustle of New York City! Karen and her mom, Nora, took a mother-daughter bonding trip to explore the sights and sounds of the Big Apple in February of 2019. Brrrr... it must have been cold to visit that time of year!

Here's what Karen has to say about her special trip with her mom:

This year I had an amazing mother daughter trip to New York for my birthday.  It was just the two of us and we lived it up – in spite of the chilly weather. 

We stayed at a friend’s vacant apartment and walked the city until all hours.  We ate at fine restaurants, cute cafes and whatever struck our fancy.  My mom and I are close, but rarely have time to relax and enjoy each other with no other pressures. 

This trip we were like girlfriends – visiting friends and places from our past, since we spent a significant part of our lives in the city.  We stopped at Bloomingdales, ate bagels, wandered in Times Square, and lucked into great seats for a hot Broadway show – To Kill a Mockingbird!  The next night we caught a fun quirky off Broadway show. 

The city, which is always fun had a special feel to it with the two of us giggling and being together.  It’s a trip I will always remember.

Thanks Karen! That sounds like it was an AMAZING trip and what a wonderful way to bond with your mom. We hope you have another chance to take a Mother-Daughter trip somewhere special in the future!

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