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How to Arrive Not Looking Jetlagged

Traveling is great!

Jetlag… not so much. So, how exactly can you minimize the effects of jetlag and arrive at your destination feeling refreshed and ready to go?

Here are just a few tips and tricks to get you started, with an extra-special bonus tip at the end!

Get Some Rest

Make sure you are well-rested before your trip and not pushing your body too hard. No one wants to start a vacation cranky from a lack of sleep! Before your trip, start adjusting your sleep schedule to match your destination. If you can, sleep while on the plane to help your body adjust and make sure you’re getting adequate rest for your trip.

Stay Hydrated

This is a BIG one! Your body needs ample hydration when you travel, especially if you will be on a long flight. Make sure to drink plenty of water before, during, and after your flight to counteract the dehydrating effects of cabin air. Dehydration can make jetlag symptoms worse. Bonus tip: warm water is more hydrating than cool water so try drinking some warm lemon-honey water the morning of your trip.

Avoid Caffeine and Alcohol

It might seem like fun to have a few cocktails while you’re waiting for your flight or during it, but caffeine and alcohol will dehydrate your body and affect your sleep. So, instead of ordering that glass of wine on your flight, try choosing a soft drink instead. Better yet, have some water instead!

Bump Up Your Skincare Routine

Before flying, make sure to use a few extra hydrating products to help your skin survive the trip. If you can, fly without makeup (or at least without foundation) so you can reapply moisturizer and a hydrating spritz throughout the flight. This will help your skin combat that dry cabin air and help you feel more refreshed when you arrive!

Get into the Sun Right Away

A dose of bright sunshine wakes nearly anyone up and gives you a burst of energy! When you arrive to your destination, try walking outside for a moment to soak in the sun while waiting for your luggage. If it’s nighttime when you arrive, a quick breath of fresh air will help perk you up as well. Fresh air and sunshine can overcome most of the immediate symptoms of jetlag. If you can, sit outside of the airport for ten minutes before going to your hotel. You can thank us for that tip later!

Eat Smaller Meals

Eating smaller, more frequent meals helps your body regulate your blood sugar and prevents that dreaded crash that often comes after a large meal. Try to pack some small snacks or take advantage of the airline’s in-service snack or meal options. Whenever possible, make healthy choices: fruits and vegetables. Avoid sugar as much as you can.

Get Physical

Before your flight, try to do some yoga or stretching so your body is relaxed and calm before your trip. You obviously can’t do much yoga on a plane, but try to stretch smaller muscle groups throughout the flight to prevent tension. Make sure to roll your neck out to avoid kinks and try to get up and walk at least once during the flight. This will help with swelling and water retention. When you arrive, jump up and down or take the stairs instead of an elevator to get your blood pumping again. This will help you feel awake and fight some of the jetlag you might be feeling after a flight. When you get to your lodgings, do some more full body stretching or yoga to loosen things up again.


Earth Yourself

Wait, what the heck do you mean by that?!

Simple. As soon as possible after your flight, kick your shoes off and let your bare feet hit the ground for at least thirty minutes. Dig your feet into the sand or play with the grass between your toes—it doesn’t matter as long as your bare feet make contact with the ground.

So, how does earthing work? (That’s what it’s called—earthing.)

Well, the earth holds tons of negative electrons and when we connect our bare skin with them (most notably the feet), they buzz on up inside of us and overpower all the positive electrons (the bad stuff) that are wreaking havoc on our bodies causing inflammation, imbalance and general all-around wackiness.

Jet lag is all-around wackiness, so we want that out of our system as quickly as possible!

If you want to learn a little more about earthing, you can read about it HERE and HERE.

Well, I hope these tips and tricks help you to arrive looking and feeling refreshed on your next trip!

Do you have any special tips or tricks you use when traveling? Share in the comments below!


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