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One of my favorite times to go to the South of France is between April and October. The weather is really warm throughout this period but depending on the month, the

airfare can go from single to almost double. Ouch!!

The least expensive time to go to France is right after the New Year, at the beginning of January to May and from September to November.

With the years of traveling back and forth between Miami (my new home) and Nice (France), I have tried different ways, so let me share my experience.

The best time to book your flight:

How early is early?

This is a bit tricky. We heard that booking a ticket in advance was the best way to find the best deals on airfare. That seems to not always be the case, though. I spoke to an agent from Air France and according to him: "A flight to France should be booked at least 160 days before the trip".

Here is the thing, I have booked my ticket in advance and also booked it last minute and, honestly, you can find good deals either way.

This requires lots of research, lots of flexibility, lots of chance!

It is January and I'm already looking for flights for the yoga retreat to the South of France in July and August. In theory, it is the best time between now and March to book a ticket.

Have you heard that there are specific days of the week and even specific times to shop for air tickets? (the best days are Thursdays and the worst days are Sundays)

If you have heard differently, feel free to share with your sisters and leave a comment below.

My "go-to" websites and preferred airlines:


Running a quick research on google flights already gave me an idea. The price ranges from $1,200 to $1,400 at this moment. It is not terrible but I definitely need to find a better deal. I searched on Skyscanner and now are are talking! I saw tickets from Miami to Paris at $500, it is an amazing deal!

Recommended by my fellow friend traveler Airfare Watchdog. They will alert you when the prices drop. It doesn't hurt to pay them a visit!

Online Travel Agency:

Asap tickets is my recommended online travel agency with agents available at any time. Check it out, the reviews are great. I used the ASAP tickets service two years ago and was very pleased with the customer service. My ticket with American Airlines to travel in July - August cost me $1,250. Not bad for booking it for about two months before the trip.

Favorite Airlines:

Xl Airways runs only for few months from May to September. The flight will be direct to Paris. At this moment, a flight to go to Paris is $500, a steal! The beverages are not included but it is really not expensive and the weight of luggage is a little lower than AirFrance, not a big deal.

For a flight to Nice, just take a domestic flight from Paris, which can be found now for less than $100. So, the total price will be about $600, THIS IS A STEAL I SAID!!!

Booking that way, allowed me to save $470 last year compared to AirFrance tickets.

My recommendation: if a ticket is booked with two different airlines make sure to have at least 4 hours window between the two flights.

A few more airlines:

American Airlines


British Airways

Have you ever flown with Norwegian or Tap? They are really competitive in price. If you have traveled with them, please free to share your experience and leave a comment below.

Best Route to Nice:

Europe is a "little village" to quote my American friend. Here is the advantage: all the countries around it are just about 2-3 hours flight.

London is 2.05 hours to Nice

Madrid is 2.05 hours flight to Nice

Marseille is a two and a half hours drive from Nice

Paris is an hour flight (my favorite)

Berlin is also 2.10 hours

Milan is 2.30 hours flight and 5.45 hours by train.

Geneva is 1 hour 15 flight

Belgium is 1.35 hour

The proximity of the countries also give the option to take the train. Eurorail, SNCF and TGV (fast train) are the websites to check to book a train ticket. Traveling by train is fun!

Keep in mind: a flight from the US to France will be +1 day. Time difference from Miami is 6 hours.

Bonus Tips:

My best advice to travel for 9 days is to only travel light: just bring a carry-on and a bag.

#1: That is such a time and money saver AND you don't have to wait at the luggage. (Seriously consider if you have a tight waiting time between connected flights)

#2: Less laundry and less gift you have to bring back to your coworkers :)


CHECK OUT my #traveltipthursday board on Pinterest for great ideas.

* Preparing a special post for my sisters: 9 days 9 outfits and 1 carry-on

"Quick Facts" about life in France:

A very useful general rule: don't mess with our weekends and lunch time ;)

Some shops close between noon and 2 pm. Banks, post office close at lunchtime and at 4 or 5 pm the latest depending the bank. Our supermarkets close at 9 pm the latest .

But no stress, you are on vacation, you go with the flow and vois la vie en rose.

To conclude: Early birds will get the best deal in airline tickets. You'll even get a payment plan option on our all-inclusive Yoga retreat packages (HURRY offer ends 03/31).

DISCLAIMER: this post is not sponsored. I added links for your convenience that you are free to use. This post at is based on my experience alone.

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