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10 Advantages of Traveling with a Group

Are you a tour group veteran? Have you ever wanted to travel as part of a tour group? On the fence about whether or not you might want to?

Well, here are just a few advantages to traveling in a group that might just help you decide to try it out!

Save money

Group travel is usually cheaper than traveling solo or with just 1-2 other people. Groups can get better rates on accommodations, travel, attractions, and many more things you can split costs on.

If you can save some money on the basics with group travel rates, that means you’ll have extra money to do and see more things! Or, maybe even splurge on that extra-special massage package you have your eye on…

Someone to share with (food, excursions, experiences)

When you travel, it can be more fun to share things with others…

Want to try two different entrees on the dinner menu but know you can’t eat two full meals? See if someone else in your group is interested in trying the same two meals and split them!

Have a free day on your itinerary? Find someone who wants to go visit the same attraction and share the experience with them!

These are just a few of the many bonuses to traveling in a group.

Hassle-free: Tour groups typically have a pre-planned itinerary

Want to go see and do ALL the things but have no idea where to start planning? Or even, WHAT to plan? No problem!

With group travel, the itinerary is usually taken care of. You won’t need to worry about how long it takes to travel to/from the airport, what means of transportation you need to take, how much extra it will cost, what to do if there’s a delay… you get the picture!

The stress of planning goes away with group travel. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the journey.

Safety in numbers

You’ve heard of that old saying, haven’t you? There’s a reason it’s so well-known! Even the safest places to travel sometimes have their issues. Thieves, crazy drivers, shady parts of town, etc.

While traveling in a group, you have someone (or MANY someones!) to watch your back and help keep each other safe. It’s the buddy system, adult-style!

Wide variety of travel destinations (that you may have never thought of yourself)

When you travel with a travel group or travel company, they’re already done all the research to figure out the best places to go, the best restaurants to visit, and the best sights to see.

You’ll get to see and do the “best of the best” without the stress of trying to figure out what or where that is!

Someone to show you the way

With a travel group, usually comes a travel guide. Often times, this guide is a local or someone who has traveled this particular trip and knows the tour well.

They can help guide you and give you special tips on where to find the best local foods or a unique specialty shop for souvenirs that you wouldn’t find on your own.

Additionally, most tour leaders know the best times of day to visit certain attractions and can help you with this insider info to make sure you have the best experience you possibly can!

See things you might not normally see

Because the travel guides are often locals or, at least, know all the locals, they can make sure you experience the local sights in a way the typical tourist scene may not be privy to.

Is there a particularly popular beach in the town your group is visiting? Too busy for your tastes? Maybe the tour guide or a local can point you to a lesser-known, yet more beautiful beach instead!

A tip you may never have learned without the knowledge of your guide.

Have someone for photos

Taking photographs of beautiful places on your trip is great and selfies are fun, but nothing replaces having pictures with your new friends or even a photo they take of just you.

Having photos of yourself will make your memories more unique and distinguish your photographs from all the other thousands of tourist images you can find on the internet. It’s proof that YOU were there (and you have more than just selfies to show for the trip)!

Easy to navigate, even if you don’t know the local language

With a tour group, your route is pre-determined, so you don’t have to spend a lot of energy trying to figure out where you’re going.

Additionally, if you travel somewhere with a foreign language to you, at least you’ll have people to talk to in your own language while in a travel group (assuming it’s a travel group that originates from your home country).

However, it’s always nice to learn a few phrases in the local language where you’re visiting. And you can practice with all your new friends in your travel group!

Make new friends

Saved the best for last! Making new friends might be our favorite part of traveling in a tour group.

When you travel in a tour group, you have a unique opportunity to make new friends with other women who like to travel! Who knows? Maybe you’ll have so much fun traveling together that you decide to plan another trip with your new friends!

Which reason is your favorite part of traveling in a tour group? Can you think of any other benefits to group travel?

If so, please share them with us in the comments below!

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