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Bonjour, my name is Christelle! I'm glad you found me and stopped for a moment to read my story.

Recently separated, being a single mom, and turning 40 made me realize that it is time for a change.


I'm taking a chance. A chance for better. A better life, a better self, and I hope you ladies will be a part of my journey.

Through this transition, I have the chance to be surrounded by all kinds of amazing ladies who are helping me get through the peaks and valleys of life. They made me realize that women need each other and that nobody can understand a woman better than another woman.

So, that is when the idea came! What do you need when things go wrong?


3 things: a get-away, good girlfriends, and FUN! :)


So, to the South of France, here we come!


This trip will be all about disconnecting and reconnecting.


Disconnecting from stress and connecting with nature, healing through healthy food, relaxation, and fun learning experiences. I adore my hometown and I want to show all its colors the way I know it.


Let me embark you and go explore all the beautiful facets of the South of France, from its mountains to the sea.

Seriously, food, wine, yoga, and fun? Sign me up!

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About Me

Bonjour!   I'm Christelle, your  Lead Travel Sister. French at heart, I moved to sunny Florida, about 10 years ago.

My love for travels started at a young age, traveling with my parents across France every chance we got, add that to the fact that I'm Sagittarius and you get someone who loves exploring & adventures...



If you like yoga, food, and wine, check out my yoga retreat in the South of France.


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