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What do the packages include?
Whether you'll book a one day or a multi days local experience, the service will include a door to door pick up and drop off within the Miami area. If you have any doubt, just send me a whats app with your address and I will confirm if it is within the area or not. Transportations, activities are included.

I want to book a road trip. How much luggage can I bring? 
If we go on a multi day road trip, I imagine that you won't bring your whole closet. Travel light is the way to go. Less laundry, less time to pick the outfit, less stress. I can easily fit 3 small carry on luggage and probably a backpack by your feet in my car. 

Travel and Covid?

The experiences are reserved to you and 1 or 2 persons plus myself.  I will rely on the 
Grrrr... Don't like it :( While I will ask you to fill out the fit to travel waiver (for the multi day road trip), for extra precaution I will monitor your temperature at meeting. We also will wear face mask coverings. 

Can I cancel my trip?
Yes. I understand that things might come up. You have 24 hours until departure to cancel a single day road trip. I will refund you after 24-48 hours via Paypal or Venmo.

I can also offer you the option of getting a credit if you want to join me on another trip later on in the year. If you want to cancel the multi day road trip, This will be a little more tricky. The cut time is 72 hours. If I get the cost of the activities and/or rooms refunded, you will be refunded minus the cost of monetary fees if applicable. Unfortunately, if the rooms and/or activities can't be refunded, I won't be able to refund you. You will be subject to 100% charge or redeem your credit for a future road trip. If the cost of the future trip is less that what you paid then I will refund you the difference. If it is more, you will accept to pay the difference. Please see the full terms and conditions or contact me if you have any questions.

Can you cancel my trip?

When you book an experience under this website, you'll understand and accept that weather and other unpredictable type of events that are out of my control could be the reason of a cancellation. In that case, we will refund your purchase or give you a credit for another time if you prefer.

Is the car safe and what type of car do you drive?
Yes, the car is safe. The multi point inspections are passed every 3,000 miles if I use my personal car. As for the records, I will be the driver and I consider myself excellent driver! If I use a rental car or campervan, the maintenance is done by the rental agency.

Who should join the trip?

All the trips will involve some type of outdoor activities, some more active than others but there will be outdoors. So, it is obvious that you have to love nature and the outdoor. Secondly, things happens, and not always accordingly we all have seen that by now, so you should adopt a sense of flexibility and adventures. If you are the type of person to like be in control and can't deal with changes then the trips with me are not for you. Let the experience come to you. Don't block it, accept it for what it will bring you and you'll see that you'll have a wonderful time.​

I don't speak English, is this a problem?
Language is not a barrier. I can speak French and Spanish. A plus to add to your trip in fact. Practice your French and Spanish on the road :)

Who will be in the car and what is the difference between all the trips?
MULTI DAY ROAD TRIP: The car is private to you which means you can reserve 1 or 2 seats to ride with me. The itinerary is preset so you can't change the route or the activities. The length of the preset trips will vary between two days and 6-7 days average. This trip will generally involve stopping in different cities.

SINGLE DAY ROAD TRIP: The car is also private to you and the locations are preset. The lenght of the trip is between 8-10 hours. You can have the option to choose a one way or round trip.

CUSTOM DAY ROAD TRIP: The car is also private to you but the itinerary is 100% custom to your needs so the price will vary.

For the moment, because I'm a one person operation, the custom trips are available only locally which means within a short radius from Miami. In the future, I might offer a custom multi day road trips.

If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, please message me. I welcome suggestions and ideas.

I don't see my route. Can I add  it?

Yes. This is a part of the advantage to book private road trip so you can have your custom route and add sightseeing. This is your own schedule at your own pace.  

Any other questions?

Just message me via Whatsapp for quicker answer, call or email.

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