Saint-Jeannet village might be tiny, but don't be fooled by its size! It has all you need. Four restaurants, two meat delis, one bakery, and one mini market. On this trip, you won’t be starving, I promise! I want you to discover the charm of exploring Saint-Jeannet for yourself, so I will only talk about one of the restaurants "Le St Barbe." I've never tried their cuisine, but for the amazing view, I would even just eat peanuts there! This restaurant has excellent reviews, so I can’t wait to try it with you.


Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be included. Papie Cook will be preparing all our ladies' lunches and dinners, making sure that the food is so good that all the plates return clean. Yum!

As we mentioned, our meals will be freshly prepared in-house, but you will notice that two restaurants are announced in the itinerary.


No, this is not a mistake!


One of the restaurants is already selected as a part of the spa day. The spa restaurant has healthy food that is beautifully plated and delicious, not to mention the view! The service and atmosphere is wonderful, and you will enjoy the music of the grasshoppers singing around you on a beautiful summer day.


The second restaurant is still to be determined, but I can promise I will make sure it will be an experience! For the moment, I have two restaurants in mind, but I may change my mind because there are so many amazing restaurants in Antibes. Stay tuned and I'll keep you posted!


For now, here is one of the restaurants I have in mind:


"La Caravane Qui Passe.” This is not your typical restaurant. A two in one deal: pleasure for your eyes and for your mouth, that's all I will say!

Get to know Papie Cook!

Tony aka Papie Cook.

His nickname was given to him by my seven-year-old little girl last summer after preparing one of his always-delicious meals.

Papie means "grandfather" in French, and since my daughter is American, she sometimes mixes French and English. She didn't know the word "cuisine" in French, so

it became "Papie Cook" and this adorable nickname stuck. 

Papie Cook is a cook and a magician. His fridge is always half-empty, but somehow he manages to come up with amazing meals every time and for a whole week. Everyone who tries his food just loooves it!

He always cooks with the freshest ingredients found at the local farmers market. He never shop at supermarket only for dry ingredients such as flours.

Since the trip will be all about wellness, healthy food and environment, I can't imagine myself starting this venture without the help of Papie Cook. He will teach us how to prepare healthy meals in no time and so little cost!!! We are preparing specialty food menu typical of France that we can't wait for you to try! 

Fresh Produce

All of our meals will be freshly made with local products from the market. Our local farmer is ideally located less than a mile and will deliver fresh fruits and vegetables every day. He never uses an ounce of fertilizer, but grows his food using permaculture! We might have the opportunity to visit his farm during our trip. All our meals will be mostly vegetarian or full vegetarian, upon request. For those who desire a not-so-vegetarian menu, it's not a problem. Just choose your meal preference on your info form and Papie Cook will take care of the rest!

Listen! You are in the country of the best food and the best wines. We can't go to France and not drink locally-made wine! Well, well, well... I’ve got you covered on that, too. We will visit a local winery on our adventure together! I don't want to give away too much of the surprise, but we'll learn how the wine is made, we'll take a tour around the winery, and (the best part!) we'll get to sample the wine!


On Wednesday, we'll visit our local cheese producer, Bruno, his farm, and his goats, where they all live in peace and harmony. For all the cheese-lovers like me, I guess we'll try some cheese, too. ;)

The Markets of Antibes

The market is definitely a part of the French culture. Going to the market is something I grew up with. Every day with my mom, we would go and get fresh fruits and

vegetables. We would hear all the vendors yelling, "Here, come get the best cantaloupe in town" or "Here, he is a liar, he stole mine!" Of course, it was always a part of the whole tradition to nicely tease each other. The ambiance was fantastic. It was a time to meet the neighbors, ask about the family, catch up with people we hadn’t seen for a while… This was real interaction. This was being a social. This was being connected and caring about each other.


It was such a warm place to go to.


As a child, it was boring I'm not going to lie, but I didn't realize how these childhood memories would be such a treasure as an adult. Something that I now share with my little girl.


I remembered the markets as a festival of smells, colors, and sounds… the church bells ringing every day at noon, the time when people were reminded to go home and cook all those delicious goodies they just bought from the markets in the morning.

At the market, you could find fresh, locally grown fruits, vegetables, flowers, and warm crafted bread freshly out of the oven. It was an everyday celebration.


This still remains. Markets still take place in every city, and it is no different for my dear town of Antibes.


To learn more about the Markets of Antibes, continue reading this blog article!

Local Cuisine

France is so rich. I can't brag enough about the food. From the pastries to the entrees, you won't get enough of it. For explorers like myself, just be adventurous

and try what you might not try otherwise, immerse yourself in the culture; that is the best way to get to know any country and its culture.


I'm already warning you: if you go to France and eat a burger, I will scream! (Just kidding… maybe.) Anyway, back to the local cuisine topic.


Not only does each region have its own specialty food or dessert, but even sometimes from one town to another. In the South of France, in Nice for example, one of the specialties is socca. Socca is a chick pea-based type of crepe. It is more of an appetizer or snack, it is so delish!!! It is cooked in a pizza oven and you can find it in food trucks or snacks bar.


So, how do you eat it?


With a lot of black pepper. It is a must-try!


Another must-try is Farcis nicois. This is usually made with zucchini, potatoes, onions, tomatoes, stuffed with delicious meat, and cooked in the oven. There is also a vegetarian option that is so amazing, too.


And what about the zucchini flowers beignet, the salade nicoise, pizzaladiere, etc, etc...


I can't wait for the French cooking class, can you? 

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