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You found me! A small travel group of like-minded women and moms in their 30s, 40s & 50s who loves the simple things in life.

You want to get away but you don't know who to travel with.

A ladies trip sounds fun!

You love the activities so you book it!

Get a glimpse of our next adventures!

Join our fun group of traveling ladies. 3 things are important to me, good food, good friends and beautiful nature. All our trips will always be designed around these interests in mind.

You'll discover local food, culture, art, and nature.

Now, see where our ladies are going next...


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Love her,

but leave her wild.

- Atticus, To Kill a Mockingbird
About Me

Bonjour!   I'm Christelle, your  Lead Travel Sister. French at heart, I moved to sunny Florida, about 10 years ago.

My love for travels started at a young age, traveling with my parents across France every chance we got, add that to the fact that I'm Sagittarius and you get someone who loves exploring & adventures...



If you like yoga, food, and wine, check out my yoga retreat in the South of France.


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